Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sugarloaf Marathon!

We were not in the front..., we actually didn't realize the race had started until the crowd began moving.
Well, it came and went. Marathon weekend was a success, although a little too warm (in the 80's!), hardly feels like I ran it (oh, except for the fact I resemble a zombie when I try to walk and forget stairs! or sitting/getting off the toilet.). The verdict: 67th place overall, 8th place for females, with a time of 3:22.52 (Boston Marathon Qualifier). The last 6 miles felt like they lasted 3 hours, even though they were mostly downhill.  Everyone I came across during the race was wonderful and encouraging and the roadside cheering squads were awesome.  And my running partner, Isaac, was awesome and we tried to make the best of every obstacles.
Isaac and I during one of the earlier miles, running comfortably, easy smiles for the camera

Thumbs up, still mentally and physically in the run!
Around mile 20, starting to pull apart a little
Heading across the finish line!
When he had to leave me at mile 20 (the heat hit me early and I was lagging behind..., it was time to let me go...da nah.) he gave me a few words of encouragement and off he went.  Which was a relief, in a way, since I needed some time to be in my own misery.  Isaac finished about 2.5 minutes ahead of me, but also succumbed to the heat in the end.  And our other running partner, Luke, finished strong in 5hrs with Isaac enthusiastically doubling back and running with him the last 4 miles (I did not... I went and showered!)

Luke powering up a hill at mile 22
Jeff took amazing photos of the race and I could count on him to cheer me on every 4 miles and drive by once in a while waving his hand out of the sunroof. Not to mention he had to put up with 5 months of training and a weekend full of crazy runners.  We may be able to convince him to run the next marathon with us... just need to get a treadmill on the ship!
If you want to see all of the images Jeff took from the marathon, check them out on my flickr page.

Looking back, it was a lot of fun.  Can't wait until the next marathon!

have a great day!

shelby g


  1. Awesome recap! Time to find another marathon and maybe a new training plan. Amazing job for both you and Luke finishing your first marathons!!!!

  2. Hi Shelby! My name is Alex and I'm a writer for DailyBurn Life, a health and fitness editorial site. We love the photos of you and Isaac running the Sugarloaf Marathon! This month we are posting a story on the best spring marathons and we'd love to include your photo (with proper crediting, of course) in our article. Please email me at for more info! Look forward to hearing from you.