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Tutorial: Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Pumpkin Flower Arrangement Barn Thanksgiving 2011
I love making flower arrangements. For a brief time I worked in a florist shop and although they never actually allowed me to make any arrangements (this is another story), I learned a lot through observation.  Plus my grandmother was big into creating dried flower arrangements when I was growing up, along with maintaining awesome flower gardens, so I guess you can say I've always kind of been around people who are creative with flowers.  I helped make the flower arrangements for my sister's wedding and even worked with my bridesmaids and relatives to make flower arrangements for my own wedding. (And if you live near me and are looking for cream colored ceramic containers, you can borrow mine, I have about 12-15 of them left over from the weddings).

So whenever the holidays roll around I make flower arrangements as table centerpieces. This year I decided to carve up some pumpkins as containers and see what they would look like as centerpieces. During the summer we were lucky enough to have pumpkins magically grow in our compost pile.
"Magic" pumpkin seeds. no giants, though, just a lot of pumpkins.
These pumpkins also happened to be pie pumpkins, so double score!  Small and perfect for table arrangements, I placed a bunch in the barn before they were hit by hard frost.
My barn bench.
Tutorial: Pumpkin Flower Arrangement
3-5 Small Pumpkins
Knife for carving pumpkins
floral tape
floral scissors
flowers (mixture from the grocery store works)
3-5 metal cans, cleaned
dried oats or broom corn
pine or fir or filler leaves
oasis (optional)

Luckily this tutorial is much easier than the cloth napkin tutorial.  For this, you just need to make sure that you keep your flowers balanced.  It is easy to overwhelm the pumpkin, since it is small.
First cut the ends of the flower stems (about an inch) and place them in a bucket of warmish water (with the nutrient powder stuff that come with the flowers) and let them sit over night to fluff up and soak up water. I purchased my flowers at the local supermarket, 2 large bouquets for $15 dollars and generally they are pretty dehydrated, so you may need to set them in a warmish place, too. (Aside: Flowers are pretty expensive, so if you want to not spend a ton of money, take a walk through the woods and pick pine, fir, sticks, and dried leaves.  Along with ribbon, you can make a nice centerpiece without the cost.)

The next day, gather your supplies, tape, scissors, cans, pumpkins, knife, flowers.
Cut the top off the pumpkin
like this
scoop out the seeds and put them aside
take a clean metal can (or plastic container, doesn't matter)
And place it inside your scooped out pumpkin, as shown.
At this point you can add oasis by cutting it to fit the can in the pumpkin.  If you don't have oasis, that is ok, we are going to tape the flowers together so that they rest inside the pumpkin. Oasis just makes it easier to form the flowers in the container so that you can make a larger arrangement.
Use floral tape when taping flowers.  Painter's tape does not hold!

 Take the flowers and form a bouquet in your hand. Make sure that it is balanced. I added one hydrangea, 2 stems of mums, one stem of broom corn, two stems of oats, one drumstick flower and a sprig of pine.  You can also add berries, painted branches or ribbon if you feel like it. When you have a desired bouquet, tape the stems together and cut stems so that it fits nicely in the pumpkin.
Hydrangea, mums, drumstick flower, pine, oat, broom corn
Add water to the pumpkin/can and place the flowers inside
Adjust the length on the stems accordingly. And you're done!
These flower arrangements last about a week and are a great gift for guests to take when the meal is over. Or you could donate them to a local hospital or nursing home (just remove any pine/fir:fire hazard) when you are done with them. I have heard that if you spray WD-40 or hairspray on the inside of the pumpkins, they will last longer. But if you are placing them near flames (candles) you may not want to do that.  Although exciting, explosions are not generally accepted at Thanksgiving celebrations. 

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY! Follow the link and leave a comment about your holiday traditions.

happy saturday!

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  1. Very pretty and unique idea!

    1. Thank you! It is a great way to use extra pumpkins and stray aluminum cans!

  2. what a beautiful arrangement -- definitely going to make some of these for fall centerpieces :)

  3. I loved it. The tutorial is easy to follow and liked the touch of humor. Thanks!

  4. This is truly beautiful and your tutorial is so easy to follow.

  5. This is such a great idea, so I had to try! I blogged about it (giving you credit, of course). Check out my creations here: Thanks for the inspiration!

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  7. Love this idea. I'm going to make 2 for the Assisted Living Home where my Mother lives for their dining room tables using dried flower arrangements. Thanks for the idea.

    1. this sounds wonderful! It will look great with dried flowers!

  8. This is a unique way of flower arranging! I thought it was just an ordinary vase. Well, I love this. Perfect!

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