Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!  Going on 3 years, this is the first Easter that Audrey has been truly excited for hunting Easter eggs, which is my favorite part of the holiday.  What fun time!  I was able to sew up a few fabric Easter baskets using this tutorial. Very easy and fun... I made a total of 5 but gave a few away.

Have a fantastic day!

shelby g

Friday, March 4, 2016

Farewell Cornelius...

Yesterday we bid farewell to our very first rooster, our large Dark Brahma, Cornelius. Just shy of 4 years old I suppose it was his time to go as we found him outside the coop not just 5 minutes after I had scattered scratch grains outside (to a very alive rooster and ladies).  It does not appear he was attacked by anything and after inspecting him externally he seemed fine (he came as a chick from a large factory breeder and we have since lost many of the original chickens to sudden death which we think is due to breeding).  A few weeks ago he was attacked by something and left behind many of his gorgeous tail feathers but overall seemed fine. 

It is sad to see him go. This morning we missed his crowing and I am certain that the ladies will miss his guidance. And although he was not friendly in his first few years he seemed to ignore Audrey.  Last winter he lost part of his middle toe to frost bite which helped slow and mellow him out so I suppose Audrey was just able to run away faster than he could catch her.

Yet we move on! We have already found a child-friendly rooster and hope to introduce him to the farm next week.  We feel that roosters are so important to farm life, they do help keep predators away,  create leadership for the hens, and just sound like a farm! 

farewell old buddy!

shelby g

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Finish it! February Recap

How did Finish it! February go?  Well I may not have finished Audrey's birthday quilt (I, at least, got all the layers basted together... just need to sew) I did stock my store (using part of January to sew), The Meanie Greene, and also finished up the Art Diapers for my B/S/T group which all totaled: 35 diapers/trainers/covers, 7 pairs of pants, 5 shirts, 2 dresses, and 6 pairs of underwear. And managed to snow dye a bunch of fabric and fit in a family trip down to Boston plus learn how to make sour dough bread! And I kept the children alive while my husband was at work for some extra time.  I would say that February was very, very, productive and successful for me (and a little stressful)! It's fun to know what I can accomplish in a short time but also bums me out to know that I can sew a ton but STILL not finish my daughter's quilt.  Creativity is weird, huh?

And what am I working on now?  More underwear, of course, and another store stocking for this month. I also have plans to make Monet Water Lily inspired Art Diapers for the B/S/T group. And what's currently on my sewing table that's a ton of fun to sew?  Fabric Easter Baskets and eggs since that holiday is almost upon us.  I really love all of the sewing skills I have perfected over the last few years and feel ready to tackle the famed Eliza Bennet shirt again... this time with jersey fabric and perhaps I will make it into a nursing top.  Every spring I still get a ton of requests for the free sewing pattern I posted a while ago and would really love to make it a more accessible pattern for download.  We'll see! 

I usually sew in the evenings from 7:30pm until 11pm when all of the kids are asleep and I also sew in the morning after breakfast until around 10am when the littlest is napping and the oldest is most distracted by her toys and tv.  Ever-so-often Audrey heads off to play over at a friend's house for the day and Johnny and I fit in some quality sewing time.

And sometimes, but very rarely, I clean my house....

I hope that Finish It! February went well for you. I suppose today will be a cleaning day for us while Mr. Meanie continues to work on finishing up the renovation project.

shelby g

Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Feb. 29th

Well it's an extra day today! Yahoo!  And it's Springtime, basically. Yesterday I dug around in the garden and pulled up the rest of our parsnips. I left half of them in the garden last fall and forgot to cover them so I was a little unsure of what they would be doing out there.  But they are perfect and so sweet and delicious! Plus I found quite a few beautiful earthworks wriggling out in the soil... very exciting for the upcoming growing season!!  Johnny found out what the chickens were all about and Cornelius let him know who was boss by crowing... a lot. 

I really should get out in the garden and put the fence back up soon. I noticed that our narcissus bulbs are pushing up already in the front flower garden and I think our garlic will soon follow (if the chickens didn't eat it last fall).  I would like to keep the chickens out of the garlic and asparagus since they will scratch up anything green and delicious.

Yet every year around this time I think that spring has arrived.. alas! it is likely that we'll have a few more storms but at least we are heading towards spring on the 20th of March.

Happy Monday!

shelby g

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

We rarely celebrate our love once a year but instead take time every day to celebrate our love for one another, ourselves, our children, critters, our home  and everything/everyone involved in our lives over the 13 years that we have been together. Although some are newer additions to our lives we love everything and everyone more each day our love changes and grows. 

Here's a few things that our love grew:

And so much more! Happy Valentine's Day!

shelby g

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finish it February!

Hurray! February is here which means spring is just around the corner, right? Winter has finally hit with snow and temperatures in the teens so I guess we'll have to wait just a little longer before we can run outside barefoot.  We have kept ourselves busy inside with projects both for my business and personal.  A few years ago I declared this month "Finish it February!" and while I only finished one project that month I started about 10 others that still need to be finished!  I will finish this simple quilt for Audrey's 3rd birthday in April. I am going to machine quilt so technically it shouldn't take long at all, right?

The other day Johnny had a fun time helping Momma cut the quilt backing. Audrey was sleeping, thankfully, so she doesn't yet know about this project and I know she'll be surprised when she opens her present!

Have a wonderful day!

shelby g

Thursday, January 28, 2016

House Chicken

Winter thaw! Why yes, thank you Mother Nature, don't mind if I do!  We haven't really had much for winter weather up here and  I don't want to jinx us... but that's too bad. Lately we have enjoyed temperatures in the upper 40s. I have managed to get out an run a little, dragging (or pushing, rather) the little ones in the double stroller while I huff and puff behind them.  With winter thaw I am finally able to notice the increased light... it is now dark at 5ish instead of 4... this is a BIG DEAL. Just a one hour increase of light means that the chickens have started laying again! From one egg a day to 4-6! Yippee!!

We do have a house chicken at the moment.  When opening the coop one morning I found one of our brown leghorns struggling to walk. She seemed very disoriented so I brought her instead and laid her next to the cozy woodstove to, essentially, die in comfort. Well.... that was a week ago.  She went from barely walking (but eating and drinking) to hobbling. Now she roosts up on one of our kitchen chairs in the evening (after staring at and squawking at me while I watch TV) and is walking around much better. She's even feistier and makes me chase her around the kitchen in the morning so I can put her in our enclosed shower for the day (to keep her out of the tot's hands).  And yes, she does poop on the floor in the kitchen but it is not much, it is a subfloor, and I run around with Windex every morning to clean it up (and feel very much like the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding...)

Audrey hates chicken poop and is always hassling me to clean the eggs, which I normally don't do unless they are really messy!  We spent a few minutes today cleaning up our lovely new eggs and looking forward to the baking ahead.

I hope that everyone has a great day!

shelby g