Thursday, January 28, 2016

House Chicken

Winter thaw! Why yes, thank you Mother Nature, don't mind if I do!  We haven't really had much for winter weather up here and  I don't want to jinx us... but that's too bad. Lately we have enjoyed temperatures in the upper 40s. I have managed to get out an run a little, dragging (or pushing, rather) the little ones in the double stroller while I huff and puff behind them.  With winter thaw I am finally able to notice the increased light... it is now dark at 5ish instead of 4... this is a BIG DEAL. Just a one hour increase of light means that the chickens have started laying again! From one egg a day to 4-6! Yippee!!

We do have a house chicken at the moment.  When opening the coop one morning I found one of our brown leghorns struggling to walk. She seemed very disoriented so I brought her instead and laid her next to the cozy woodstove to, essentially, die in comfort. Well.... that was a week ago.  She went from barely walking (but eating and drinking) to hobbling. Now she roosts up on one of our kitchen chairs in the evening (after staring at and squawking at me while I watch TV) and is walking around much better. She's even feistier and makes me chase her around the kitchen in the morning so I can put her in our enclosed shower for the day (to keep her out of the tot's hands).  And yes, she does poop on the floor in the kitchen but it is not much, it is a subfloor, and I run around with Windex every morning to clean it up (and feel very much like the father from My Big Fat Greek Wedding...)

Audrey hates chicken poop and is always hassling me to clean the eggs, which I normally don't do unless they are really messy!  We spent a few minutes today cleaning up our lovely new eggs and looking forward to the baking ahead.

I hope that everyone has a great day!

shelby g

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Donuts!

Yum! Sunday is donuts day (so I do declare!). My nieces visited this weekend and although I didn't necessarily allow them to help me make donuts (because I was grumpy) they had the opportunity of eating them. In the future, though, donut making would be a great activity for the kids and I will just have to up my morning caffeine intake to make it happen. 

happy weekend!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Sewing Room

I have a brand-spanking new sewing room in the kitchen ell!  Although it still needs flooring (which will be maple but Mr. Meanie has a plan to mill logs himself which means they will need an additional year or so to dry and since I can't wait that long to move my junk in... this is what it'll look like for a few years).  My sewing studio shares space with the laundry room, but that is ok, since it seems that all I do all day long is laundry and sew (along with herding children).  

The studio is right off the kitchen and will eventually have 2 doors, one sliding and one regular.  That means I can leave my projects on the table without fear of them being cut in two by my lovely tot (and eventually by brother JPel).  That also means I can make a fantastic mess and then I can just close the doors if we have company.  Clearing my sewing/crafting materials out of the old part of the house left a magnificently empty hole in our home but for the best.  I really didn't have the proper space to manage my business/personal sewing in one room and thus took over the living room, office, dining room, kitchen and bedroom (my poor family!).  Here's to hoping that this studio will fit all my sewing needs and gives me space to do both sewing and eventual painting or screenprinting or maybe some sewing workshops.

Although there is still a lot of work to be done to make the studio the best space it can be; I am soooo pleased with it. My husband did an amazing job designing the space (with my long list of requirements including around 12 working outlets... my last space had 2!) and he has plans to build shelves so that I can properly display/store my fabric.  We also hope to have a peg board to hang my scissors and notions and also these storage drawers for snaps and small objects. Lastly it would be nice to fit in a kid's crafting area but we'll see.  I am running out of room already! It is wonderful to have this space all to my own in my own home.  And I am so happy to sew and craft!

have a great day!

shelby g

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today's my Birthday! Hard to believe that yet another year has gone by.  It was a quiet day which was perfect for a little selfish sewing.... something I haven't done in years! I am setting up my new sewing space and at the moment it is a mess... but in the true spirit of creativity I shoved everything off my sewing table and dug into this project. The dress, the Brazi Dress, was really easy to make and fast to sew (still took me all day, though... babies and tots take up a lot of time.). I used my serger for almost the entire project except the hem.  Super easy and fun!

Since this is the first dress made from this pattern it has its flaws. I didn't line up the center front gathering well so it looks a little crooked. I sort of fixed it with gathered elastic but I can't wait to make another so it is perfect. I haven't sewn for myself since before babies so it is a little strange working with this new body of mine. Not bad, just different!

have a great day!

shelby g

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best for the New Year! No New Year's Resolutions for this year but we will be finishing up the Ell (and I must share pictures... it is coming together well!) and I hope to run a few half marathons and a team relay this year.  Along with living life, growing my business, and watching the children grow I am sure we will be plenty busy.

Hope to blog more too... 2015 was so busy it was hard to share it all, hopefully I will have better luck this year!

take care,

shelby g

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Around the Farm...

:: It is raining... better than snow (which we had plenty of around this time last year). Audrey loves to go out and play in the rain, poke chickens with sticks, and let the chickens out in the morning (she'll even close them up for the night, what a helper!). Audrey started in a playgroup coop this week with a home school group and she had a lot of fun baking bread, singing, and playing with children her age. As a mom, who is often alone, I am looking forward to making connections with other parents who raise their children similar to the style that we raise ours.

:: The newer chickens are laying still which is fantastic since we have found quite a few double egg yolks and that is always exciting to crack in the frying pan. We're planning our meat birds for next year along with more laying hens. I would really like to control the amount of chicken poop around the house so we are planning building larger chicken tractors this winter, at least for the meat birds. Also we have a fox friend who I have seen lurking across the field and I would like to protect our flock.

:: This past weekend I decorated a tree for a local benefit silent auction. I left this to the last minute, naturally, which was fine to do with a toddler but not as easy with a 6 week old and a toddler! After lots of crying (baby) and a messy house (toddler) I managed to get the ornaments sewn and tree decorated but I didn't enjoy it! I did find that Audrey can be easily bribed by miniature candy canes, though.

:: Drywall is in the process of going up! Hurray! We're almost there... hopefully the ell will be complete by the first of the new year... we'll see.

have a good day!

shelby g

Friday, November 13, 2015

Birthday Dress...

Well technically this dress was intended for Audrey's 2nd birthday. BUT... when I made it (actually completed before her birthday in April) we found that the size 2 pattern was much too large. Although it is still a little wide now the length and around the waist seems to fit her well even though the neck/shoulders do not. So this pattern definitely needs some altering according to you child's size. And I love the old fashion peter pan collar. For that alone I will likely try this pattern again.

Audrey is a get up and go adventurer and we have to be on our toes (especially during hunting season). This morning, with boots on the wrong feet, Audrey decided a walk in the woods was an excellent idea (and it was). The weather is lovely and warm so Audrey, John, and I really did enjoy ourselves (up until the end when Audrey insisted on a piggy back ride while I also had John in the ergo on the front).

Hope you all have a chance to enjoy this beautiful day!

shelby g